$100 Oz, $280 Qp, $520 Hp, $970 Lb – Chem Jack – Hybrid – AAA+


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Chem Jack is a sativa dominant hybrid strain which is a cross between Jack Herer and Chem D. The strain has a 35:65 indica/sativa ratio and it borrows extensively from its parentage. Chem Jack has an astounding 27% THC content and it produces amazing buds. Most of the buds are light green in colour and are covered with brown hairs. As for the smell and taste, they are just about the same. The strain mostly has a sweet and earthy smell but with earthy undertones. However, its taste is a bit piney and leaves a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth for you to enjoy. The effects of the strain are productive and energetic. You will be able to focus and concentrate on things more easily. What is truly amazing about the strain is it promotes a mellow mood and complex thinking. Chem Jack is a perfect daytime strain and may just be what you need to get yourself on track at work. Considering its uplifting effects, Chem Jack proves to be a delightful strain. On the other hand, it is quite effective at treating severe medical conditions, including mood disorders, anxiety and even depression.

Effects: Focus, Euphoria, Energizing, Giggly, Uplifting

Flavours: Citrus, Earthy, Pine, Sweet

25.08% THC 0.9% CBD

Earn up to 97 Points.


7g, 14g, 28g, 1/4 Pound, 1/2 Pound, 1 Pound

8 reviews for $100 Oz, $280 Qp, $520 Hp, $970 Lb – Chem Jack – Hybrid – AAA+

  1. Grayson

    One of my personal favorites. Certainly helps with depression.

  2. Diane

    Very good cerebral & body high. I love it

  3. Toby

    Greeat morning and day smoke. Lifts me up. Makes me feel a little more social and able to talk to people. No very sedative affects. Good for anxiety.

  4. Jesse

    Very uplifting strain. Puts me in a great mood. Great for evening use. Would not recommend it for earlier in the day, since its cerebral and bodily effects are about equal.

  5. Frankie

    this stuff is somee flaameee !!!! good relaxing high with a goood taste

  6. David

    quick effects,uplifting and great for anxiety or depression. one of the favorites

  7. Tanner

    Really solid high. Hits very quickly and has a calming euphoric effects. Relaxing, but with energetic tones

  8. Kenny

    awesome strain! Calming and was still able to get my errands done!

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