$125 Oz, $375 QP, $690 HP – Alaskan Ice – Sativa – AAAA


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Alaskan Ice is a sativa dominant marijuana strain that has an Indica/Sativa ratio of 30/70 percent. It is made by crossing Green House White Widow with Pure Haze. It has frosty green coloured buds that have white crystals and golden yellow coloured hair. This strain has powerful psychoactive effects on your system that are long lasting. It has an earthy aroma with a strong hint of pine. The taste of Alaskan Ice is quite similar to its taste. You can tasty and smell earthy, pine and nutty flavours while smoking it. It produces a strong body buzz that produces cerebral effects. Due its calming effects on your body, it is a good antidote for the medical patients of stress. This strain is also good for providing relief from different types of pain such as arthritis pains and backaches.

Effects: Euphoric, Giggly, Happy, Sociable, Calming

Flavours: Hash, Pine, Sweet, Spicy, Woody

THC 28.4% CBD 1.05%

Earn up to 130 Points.


7g, 14g, 28g, 1/4 Pound, 1/2 Pound, 1 Pound

7 reviews for $125 Oz, $375 QP, $690 HP – Alaskan Ice – Sativa – AAAA

  1. Cash

    One of my all time favorite strains so far, copped some of this and immediately began to feel all the effects described especially the happiness and euphoria. This is one you don’t want to miss out on.

  2. Lennox

    Well what can I say about this strain! Definitely one of my go to strains…you taste the sour undertones but is mainly a earthy piney taste. I find it’s an uplifting high but if you smoke too much you def get couch locked.

  3. Paxton

    If I had to pick only one stain to smoke for the rest of my life this would be my choice. Relaxation to perfection, exceptional aroma & taste, a must try for everyone!

  4. Fred

    I appreciate the sedative effect this strain exhibits, but I felt sluggish and tired. However, I was extremely relaxed. 5/5

  5. Malakai

    Just goldarn great. Recommended, for just about everything. Adjust dosage and the desired effect is what you get (with apologies to George Clinton 😜) Ironically, I’m putting this immediately in my Top 5…as #4, of course! 😉

  6. Mikolaj

    Very euphoric strain. Not good for doing work, always lay on my bed during the high, cant really do much else.

  7. Ronald

    What weed should be. Just all around awesome in every way. All Star bud!!!

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