$95 Oz, $265 Qp, $500 Hp, $930 Lb – Green Ribbon – Hybrid – AAA+


(12 customer reviews)

Green Ribbon is a near-even hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of roughly 50:50, a California native with the genes of Green Crack and something or other – possibly Trainwreck, maybe Afghanica, or perhaps White Rhino. The effects favour the sativa side, delivering a heady cerebral rush and a boost of energy, along with creativity, happiness, and sociability. Green Ribbon can be an effective tool in treating anxiety, pain, depression, and migraine headaches. The light green buds have a subtle floral scent and are slightly fruity, lending an earthy taste. Green Ribbon generally has a high THC content and patients report an energetic, heady feeling when consuming.

Effects: Creative, Focus, Relaxing, Euphoria, Giggly

Flavours: Citrus, Herbal, Pine, Woody, Tea, Sweet

25.8% THC 0.75% CBD


Earn up to 93 Points.


7g, 14g, 28g, 1/4 Pound, 1/2 Pound, 1 Pound

12 reviews for $95 Oz, $265 Qp, $500 Hp, $930 Lb – Green Ribbon – Hybrid – AAA+

  1. Ryan

    man I love this its great all the way around. Jonny keep doing what you do

  2. Philip

    Super fast high. Body senses depressed (great for pain killing). Forgetful, careless, and giggly.

  3. Matthew

    Calming and relaxing. Not very intense. it helps me so much with fibro pain.

  4. Luke

    my favorite. uplifting, no paranoia. great energy and mood. great day smoke.

  5. Kane

    One of my top five favorites! The high is subtle but strong and is best when stressed, and it doesnt BLAST YOU in the face it’s a sustaining, long high.

  6. Jenson

    this is one of my favorite strands they carry and its a great though out the day smoke!

  7. Jayden

    Best I’ve ever smoked!! 100% satisfaction. Perfect amount of energy but yet the relaxation is amazing. Amazing smell and great taste… My #1

  8. Jake

    pretty good strain it’s flooded in my area. wow that’s all I can say,one of the best I ever had.

  9. Harley

    One of my favorites. Taste, smell, great feeling effects. Outstanding.

  10. Dean

    This is my fave medicine ive smoked by far. Happy, Positive, Uplifted, Clear minded. Good day time med, like if you had stuff to do!

  11. Archie

    Taste: 4/5 Effective: 4/5 Length: 3.5/5 Sleep:4/5 Conclusion: this is a great go-to strain with easy smoking and great uplifting potential. Con: slight dry mouth

  12. Owen

    Definitely a daytime strain. Had lots of fun on this one with laughter, jokes. Got me energized to get up and go. Definitely recommend this classic.

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